Colbek Solid State Drive Conversions

Colbek can boost the speed and responsiveness of your laptops and workstations by performing a Solid State Drive (SSD) upgrade. This process involves replacing your computer’s built-in hard drive with a Solid State Drive, featuring recently affordable technology, which uses no moving parts. Among the many effects are much quicker startups and shutdowns, much better responsiveness when opening and closing programs, folders and menus, and therefore an all-round more productive computer.

Who can benefit from an SSD upgrade?

A Solid State Drive can be considered as an upgrade for brand new computers and laptops, of which the vast majority are still fitted with traditional hard drives to save costs. An SSD upgrade should especially be considered if you have slow computers but cannot yet budget for full replacements, as it is much more effective than a RAM upgrade, but less expenditure than an outright replacement if your machine is otherwise in good working order. Both Desktop computers and Laptops are equally eligible for the upgrade.

Sales representatives and field users in particular will benefit from the greatly reduced startup and waiting times, along with increased battery life as a result of no moving parts.

How is it done, and what effect will it really have?

An SSD conversion is done by duplicating the contents of your existing hard drive onto the new SSD. Then, we remove your old hard drive and fit the SSD in its place. The computer or laptop can then be started up as normal with all of your information and settings exactly as you left them, down to the finest details. We return your old hard drive back to you along with your newly SSD-equipped computer.

A computer equipped with an SSD becomes quicker and more responsive. You will encounter far less ‘hanging’ or ‘waiting’ as your computer responds to you, and will boot much faster. You can see a comparison video demonstrating the differences between an SSD and non-SSD scenario here:

Our experiences of Solid State Drive upgrades have always been distinctly positive and have resulted in much less ‘computer stress’ for our users. We at Colbek have fitted all of our internal workstations and laptops with SSD’s to prove their worth. Loading times reduced from 90 seconds to 30 seconds from pressing the power button to being fully ready.

How much does it cost and how long does it take?

An SSD upgrade depends on the amount of Gigabytes of storage you have or will need. Approximate prices for a complete upgrade of a single computer, including collection and redelivery, are as follows:

  • 250GB SSD – £150+VAT – Good for general admin workstations and laptops
  • 500GB SSD – £198+VAT – Better for power users of workstations and laptops
  • 1000GB SSD – £328+VAT – Best for very storage intensive workstations and laptops – photos, documents and databases

After booking your SSD Conversion date, Colbek will collect your laptop, perform the conversion and return it to you. A conversion will typically take 24 hours from collection to completion, but we will always use our best endeavours to return your computer ASAP, vastly improved.

Warranty and Guarantee

All Solid State Drives come with a limited 3-year warranty from the manufacturer in the event of failure or defect.
We personally guarantee that an SSD upgrade will produce a significant effect, and be a very worthwhile upgrade for your computer. If you are not completely satisfied with the change, we will refit your old hard drive and provide a full refund with no quibbles.