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If you are currently using a conventional removable tape drive or disk drive for your backups you might like to consider these ideas to improve resilience against potential disaster scenarios that might impact your computer systems.

Potential disaster scenarios include:

Simple loss of files due to corruption or accidental deletion
Theft of server
Fire damage rendering server and/or PCs inoperable
Physical failure of server e.e lightning strike causing a major power fluctuation

The biggest problem you face is the time required to restore your system to a usable state.  Colbek Systems apply a two step approach for fast recovery of your data:

On-site backup for quick access

A backup device on your site is used for frequent backups of your data.  In the event of a simple disaster such as an accidentally deleted file or folder we can log on to your system and restore the data within minutes.

Off-site copy in case the on-site becomes unavailable

For off site backup we offer a cloud backup so that your data is held off site in our secure data centre.  In the event of a serious problem we can retrieve your data to a pre-prepared server in our offices.  Within a few hours we can be on your site with a ‘ready to go’ server which just needs plugging in.

Solution 1: 24 hours

A main server hosting your server as a virtual machine. The benefit is that the backup copy of the virtual machine can be restored to another server very quickly and be brought into operation.

The ultimate solution would be to have a backup server on-site and configured ready to load the backup and bring into operation. However, in the event of a significant disaster such as a fire, it is likely the backup server would be affected.

The practical scenario would be for Colbek to attend site with a pre-configured server.

Solution 2: 2-3 days

The main server would be retained and would be backed up using a Drive imaging software. We recommend Acronis for this operation as it allows individual file restore or full drive image restore. This allows fast restoration of the entire server configuration to a new ‘bare metal’ in one operation. The time taken for such a restore is longer than the virtual machine scenario and there may be some changes required to the hardware drivers if the new server is dissimilar.

Solution 3: Up to 5 days

Standard data backups of the server. In the event of a disaster a new server would need to be installed from scratch, Windows installed, data restored, and user accounts, printing, security to be set up again. We discount this as a practical solution.

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