Managed Cloud Backup from Colbek

Protect your organisation with fully automated data backups.

Your data is the the most important asset in your business, so efficient, accessible and secure protection of your data is crucial. However, managing your backups in-house is complicated, time consuming and costly – particularly if human error leads to a mishap.

With traditional disk and tape backups becoming more obsolete every day, you need the confidence that your backups can be processed easily, and restored instantly. Automated cloud backups from Colbek are perfect from a practical and financial point of view. You’ll be confident that your data is safe at all times.

Automated Cloud backups provide you with peace of mind

Replacing your manual backups with an automated, encrypted and secure on and off-site cloud backup process brings your business up to date and helps you work efficiently and error-free. You’ll get super-safe storage and recovery of your data and fast response, which includes:

  • Fast restore from on-site backup in the event of accidental file deletion or file corruption
  • Fast temporary server delivered to your site in the event of server failure – we restore your server quickly from the off-site backup
  • No forgetting to change media or missing backups when the backup person is on holiday
  • No risking sensitive data being lost, or being stolen from car or home

We use state-of-the-art software from Altaro – relied upon by over 40,000 small and mid-size organisations.