One morning you may turn up to work, only to find that your offices have been broken into during the night and nearly all of your computers are gone. Or perhaps you’ve left your laptop at the cafe, and an hour later you come back to find that it’s disappeared, lost forever.

You can replace your equipment, sure, and your data could be retrieved from a backup (depending on circumstances), but would it concern you to know that whatever you had on that laptop could be easily viewable by absolutely anyone that cared to look? It could be hours or days from the initial break-in or misplacement until you are made aware of it, and in all that time, your equipment is in unknown hands. Not only that but would you also be responsible for reporting this potential data breach to a governing body and forced to notify everyone that might be affected? With the upcoming GDPR regulation coming in to force in the EU, almost every business will be governed by new rules that hold you much more accountable for data security.

These are all problems we have considered, and we have a robust, all-encompassing solution – Full Disk Encryption.

Full Disk Encryption is a security technique whereby your computers become impenetrable at rest and completely inaccessible to anyone but the right people. This means that should you be a victim of theft or lose your equipment, the one thing you don’t have to worry about is where the data may end up. You may still have to notify people, but instead of that notice being a stark warning that they may likely be exposed to potential identity theft, you will instead be able to declare that the data was encrypted and very unlikely to be accessible by any third party, turning a potential disaster for your business and reputation into a demonstration as to how seriously you take your security and that of your business customers.

If you would like to investigate implementing Full Disk Encryption across your business, please contact us at any time on or 02476397070. All our customers holding Support Contracts will also be reviewed on a personal basis in the first half of 2018 for Full Disk Encryption.

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