Over 30 Years Of Serving Businesses Across The United Kingdom

Colbek is proud to sponsor the first Apex Racing League GT Championship of 2021. We’ve been in business since 1987 and in that time we’ve come to understand completely the wide variety of challenges faced by business IT professionals. We love to help our fellow IT Managers, Directors and Purchasers across the UK by providing lower priced licences, software and hardware that ultimately results in happier budgets and easy savings in unexpected areas.

Who Are We Aiming To Benefit?

If you’re an IT Manager, Director, Business Owner or in any way seek to pay less for your IT licences, software and hardware then you will benefit from contacting us. Even in the unlikely event an easy saving can’t be found, you will see that we’re quick to contact and simple to deal with. We are IT professionals, not salespeople, so you can count on us to deal with you courteously and with no pressure.

We Offer Better Pricing Than Dealing Direct

We are able to provide cheaper-than-retail pricing because we are a successful IT reseller with longstanding relationships with many distributors and providers. Thanks to this reseller-focused pricing model employed by almost all of the big IT brands you can think of, we can grant our customers better pricing than the brands will offer you when you pay direct.

How Does It Work?

Many cloud services such as Microsoft 365 and Google Workspaces (Formerly G Suite) offer ‘transfer tokens’ within their dashboards specifically designed to allow you to switch to a Reseller/Partner. For other licences and software, your entitlements are simply issued directly to you when applicable. The process is a very quick and simple one and often leaves our customers surprised that it was so easy, yet will reduce costs considerably. 

We know that autonomy is very important for you, so you’ll be glad to know that switching your licencing to us does not mean you grant any authority or control to us or any other third party. You don’t lose control over the administration of your services – the only thing that changes is you won’t be paying as much, and the invoices for the services you have switched will come directly from us, as standard for resellers. It’s like changing energy suppliers or insurance providers, only simpler.

This is nothing like the unscrupulous sellers illegally selling volume licences that you may find on third-party marketplaces; When you deal with us, your licences and software still come directly from the brand/supplier so you can always be assured of authenticity and origin.

Our specialities include

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