Did you know that if your company uses Google G Suite services (formerly Google Apps) as most of our customers do, you can set your email Out of Office responder days, weeks or even months in advance? In Google, Out of Office email responders are known as Vacation Replies and they can be set to automatically activate and deactivate so you don’t forget in the inevitable whirlwind of work before escaping on holiday.

If you’re using Google Mail (gmail.com) let us know and we’ll send you a quick guide on how to do it.  If you’re using Microsoft Outlook to read your emails then unfortunately you can’t set them within Outlook; you’ll need to go to google.com and set it there. You can set it by following our guide, or reading it straight from the source here. All you’ll need to know is your Google username and password.

Remember, this auto responder is completely automatic once it’s set and does not require your computer to be powered on to work. If you struggle you can drop us a line on 02476397070 or email us at support@colbek.co.uk and we’ll be glad to help.

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