Google Sites is a little used part of Google G Suite which really deserves more attention. Google G Suite customers can use Google Sites as a ready made document management system for operations manuals, employee handbooks, and regularly used staff documents.

A company wide document management system

Sites allows you to create a staff intranet that is simple to update, allowing employees with Google Accounts to rapidly search and view and download staff documents. The site you build can be accessed by only those employees and/or external parties that you give access. In addition to traditional static content, Google Sites can display many different kinds of dynamic content such as charts, spreadsheets, and forms that are interactive and update in real-time.

Centralised location

Having a centralized location to store important company wide reference information is an asset to improving efficiency. This is especially useful when for employees, but also serves as a consistent resource to all staff, each and every day.

Too often, operations manuals, Health & Safety documents and employee handbooks are filed away only to be seen after lengthy searches through folders and filing cabinets.

Google Sites incorporates powerful search facilities (coming from Google that’s a given) placing documents and resources at your fingertips. Important documents such as expense forms, proposal templates, contact lists, and calendars can be placed front page of your operations site. Staff handbooks and manuals can be organised in logical folder structures and accessed via a clear and simple dashboard.

Dynamic Content

Instead of distributing documents to staff by email, consider placing dynamic content on your operations site. For example, a monthly sales report or a news letter can be placed on the site and a shortcut link sent to all the users. You can even have the data update in real-time by pulling from a Google Sheet.

Google Sites’ Collaboration Features

Group participation and collaboration engages employees in creating content and documenting processes. Google Sites makes collaboration extremely simple, and permissions can be managed either at the site-level or for each individual page. Editing and formatting is as simple as creating a Google Document or working in Microsoft Word.